144 Islands Marnie Marnon 2022

144 Marnie marnon 22

From their Home Block in the Bay of Islands – this is a field blend which looks to the northern Rhône for inspiration. 55% Marsanne and 30% Roussanne maxxes up those Rhône flavours, with Chardonnay and Muscat à Petit Grains making up the balance. One puncheon produced 750 bottles. A pale straw colour in the glass, with a delicately floral nose dominated by lemon blossom, jasmine and nougat, but with grapefruit, nectarine and apricot flavours layered in with those top notes. A prickly, tension-filled palate bristles with energy. Vivacious acidity drives the flavours, and a pithy minerality suggests plenty of ageing on lees. Generous and soft-textured at the back of the palate, with a lengthy, dry finish. This could age very well indeed. 94pts

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