Giesen Group launches New Zealand’s first fruit wine seltzer

TINK seltzer

Family-owned New Zealand company Giesen Group is positioning itself to claim a share of the world’s fastest growing liquor category with the launch of TINK – New Zealand’s first natural fruit wine seltzer.

Made at Giesen’s Marlborough winery, creating TINK involves an innovative process of fermenting wine and natural fruit juice together, creating a light, refreshing sparkling seltzer.

TINK can

Giesen Group Marketing Manager Angela Flynn says TINK’s development began when looking at overseas market trends.

“We kept a close eye on the growth of the seltzer category in the US and Australia and we had a sense that 2020/2021 would be the ‘summer of seltzer’ in New Zealand. All the signs are there that it will be.”

Globally, seltzer’s popularity has exploded in the past year. The sector is now worth over $2.1 billion and expected to grow to $20.4 billion by 2027.

TINK is Giesen’s first product outside of wine and beer. It is sold in 330ml cans in three flavours (Tropical, Berry Rose and Lemon & Lime).

Angela Flynn says that while seltzer is new to New Zealand, its popularity will take off with consumers increasingly focused on their health and wellbeing – even when it comes to alcohol.

“TINK is another example of Giesen spreading its wings and innovating to develop new products that align with growing trends for more mindful and moderate consumption – a future cornerstone of our business. TINK is low sugar, low carb, low calorie, gluten free with no added flavours – all attributes we know will appeal to New Zealanders.”

TINK is available now nationwide at selected supermarkets and liquor stores. Its recommended retail price is $31 for 12 x 330ml cans.

Angela Flynn says Giesen is confident that New Zealanders will TINK up this summer.

“TINK is refreshing and fun, low in sugar and calories. It’ll be the perfect refresher beside the pool and the BBQ this summer. We have no doubt that TINK will be the sound you hear throughout New Zealand soon – wherever people are having a good time with friends.”

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