Williams & Humbert ‘Don Guido’ Pedro Ximénez Sherry

Don Guido PX

I adore sherry. Spending a third of my adult life in Bristol, UK – home to Harveys Wine who were historically one of the biggest importers of the wine from Spain – meant good exposure to not only their signature ‘Bristol cream’ sherry, but a range of wines from mouth-puckeringly dry fino to full, waxy, spicy olorosos. We’d drink Fino and tonic in the ‘90s when Gin wasn’t so trendy – but to be honest, sherry wasn’t either, hahaha.

This Pedro Ximénez uses grapes which are dried under the sun for 15 days and processed before finally ageing in Soleras for at least 20 years. A dark mahogany in the glass, viscous and treacley. On the nose are dense notes of molasses, fig, balsamic, liquorice and dried plum. Intensely sweet, with a low acidity and a broad, coating mouthfeel. Some doughy, raisin toast nuance, and blood orange, pink peppercorn coming through at the back of the palate. Elegant, with a long, enveloping finish. 94pts.

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