NZ Winegrowers Inc. Annual Report ’21

NZ Winegrowers report

The annual report from NZ Winegrowers is out now – take a look on

In a difficult 2021, it’s the first year in a decade that wine exports are reported with a drop in value on the previous year.

The chair’s report notes:
“In the past year, the effects of COVID-19 on the border, markets, and increasingly supply chains, have continued to impact growers and wineries.

Now, for many in the industry, those challenges have been compounded by a vintage that is of exceptional quality, but much reduced in volume.
Successfully managing the market impacts of the resulting supply constraints in a post-pandemic world will be a key focus for our industry.

Success in the future will rely on the same principles of the past; producing distinctive and premium wines that meet the values and expectations of our customers. As we look forward, commitment to our people, our culture and our place will become an even more important component of our sustainability story. By doing so we can be confident of a future that will deliver even more value to our communities and our country.”

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