Organised Chaos Syrah 2019

Organised Chaos Syrah

From Hawke’s Bay – a wine with a distinctive label – not your regular white square; and the wine inside doesn’t fit the usual box either. This wine was released in October last year… so a pretty speedy release for a syrah.

The colour is bright and lively; and invitingly fresh aromas burst from the glass. On the nose is red cherry, violets and a green herbal note. Quite youthful, crunchy and supple in the front of the palette, with a vibrant clarity of fruit, revealing a medium weight and well structured body. Plum, blackcurrant and tapenade flavours are threaded with just the lightest peppering of spice. The tannins are fine, smooth and there’s a nice mineral, savoury streak that lies in wait towards the finish.

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