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Great TV, or film, that has wine as a central theme, can be hard to find. There is ‘Sideways’ of course – the film (from the book by Rex Pickett) that always gets a mention. And that is a great wine-soaked film. But right now there’s something online that any wine enthusiast needs to get a look at. Taken from a series Manga graphic novels ‘Drops of God’ has had anyone on the ‘media’ side of things in wine, in absolute raptures.

One of the key elements in the show is the depiction of the method of “blind tasting” in wine. It’s such a core concept to the series that it is in equal parts astounding, refreshing, astute and somehow manages to make this slightly nerdy process entertaining and engaging. Also, the ‘training’ of your palate and synaptic connections, in order to improve your assessment of wines. If, like me, you’re part of that world, it is amazing to see that on screen.

The main characters are related to the ‘world’s most famous wine critic’ – who dies early in the first episode. The plot then centres on an intricate method that has been set in place to determine who will get the great man’s inheritance. The majority of which happens to include the most important collection of wine on the planet.

Swoon-worthy shots of Provence vineyards jostle with scenes of hipsters drinking in Tokyo, a jaw-dropping cellar and harvest parties. It is a very well-photographed work, and I don’t know if I’m the only one who gets some Dan Brown vibes, where the protaganists race off in private jets, following obscure clues to solve mysteries; as character development and sub-plots slowly emerge.

Highly recommended to readers – available to stream on Apple TV+

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