A pair of Proseccos from Brown Brothers

A pair of Proseccos from Brown Brothers

From the fourth-generation winery based in Milawa – one of the first producers of Prosecco wines in Australia.

I would add a note to this tasting to explain that I have yet to try a non-alcoholic wine that I would personally enjoy drinking, and buy myself. I understand that low or non-alcoholic versions of wines have very good reasons for being in the market, but in terms of liking them for what’s in the glass – so far I’ve just to discover an example I can endorse. I’m always keen to try them – and asked that both versions of the wines were sent as samples, to be tasted side-by-side.

Brown Brothers King Valley Prosecco

A very pale lemon-green colour in the glass. Very fine bead of bubbles, but quite frothy and lively – dancing across the tongue. The bouquet is of citrus, apple, baguette crumb, pineapple and apricot. 11.5% alcohol, it is light and crisp into the palate, with bright acidity. Refreshing and mouth-watering – those crisp lemon and tangerine notes adding to the lively sensation. Off-dry, there’s no great length on the finish – a pleasant and delicate wine.

Brown Brothers Prosecco Zero

Interesting to taste the two versions of these side-by-side – the regular Prosecco, and the Zero alcohol version. The colour and perfume are fairly similar – this ‘Zero’ having more pear and apple notes than the other. At under 0.5% though, what is different now is the body of the wine feels very thin and under-powered. Flavour seeps around the edges of the palate, but the middle is almost missing. Acidity seems heightened, but flavours are heading into a watery, artificial zone, without zip or depth despite that zing of acid. Lacks finishing power too.

Again, I’m disappointed. However, I went back to the ‘Zero’ ‘product to taste it as a stand-alone – not comparing it to the other one, a few hours later. And, of course, it doesn’t seem as lacking in flavour as it does when tasted together with its sibling. So, my recommendation is, if you’re buying this for the reasons you need to – whatever they may be – then just accept it as is, and enjoy it.

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