Garage Project ‘Fields of Brett’ 2017

Garage Project Fields of Brett

Definitely better known for their craft beers – and I am a big fan of a couple of those – Garage Project now also have their eyes and innovative minds set on pushing the boundaries of wine as well. In collaboration with Kindeli’s Alex Craighead.

The intruigingly named ‘Fields of Brett’ is a rare trio of Riesling, Viognier and Pinot Gris, inoculated in the fermentation with the Brettanomyces yeast (something most winemakers in NZ would avoid like the plague)

A full aroma of lime, candied peel and orange blossom mixed with a little funk and salty sea air, it crackles on the tongue – I’m not sure if it’s the fresh acidity or a residual fizz to the wine itself. Given that it’s topped with a crown seal, I suspect the latter. The palate is vibrant, intriguing and mouthwatering. Starting with a crisp apple tartness, but it quickly gets sweeter – with succulent apricot, sliced pear and grilled grapefruit. Underlying the vivacious acidity, and providing another more interplay, is a luscious marshmallow texture. 90pts. Interesting…

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