Organised Chaos Chardonnay 2019

Organised Chaos Chardonnay

Returning to the subject of Hayden Penny’s ‘Organised Chaos’ wines – this Chardonnay from Hawke’s bay fruit is a brilliant lemon-green colour in the glass. The nose sparkles with a chalky salinity, plus a rich freshness of crisp white peach with a spike of grapefruit and citrus blossom. A vitality and polish too – no obvious leaning on toasted oak, buttery characters – quite restrained and poised.

A roast cashew character is more of a textural thing than a flavour as such; and the silky creaminess is a counterpoint to the ripe vivaciousness at the front of the palette. Quenching acidity is never overt – finesse and balance is all through this complex wine. The finish is lacey, poised and persistant.

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